Meet your new Community Moderator

I'm the newest of the Newsvine hires. Basically I'm the other half of Sally, joining as a part-time community moderator here. I come from outside of the Vine with about a dozen years of community building experience. Like everyone here I'm addicted to news, and probably like you I enjoy meeting new people. One of the things I love the most about online communities is that the only thing that matters are the words people say. It's as if the world of Locke/Demosthenes is now real.

That's the first hint of what makes me, me. I love science fiction (OSC, Gibson and Stephenson being my favorites). I'm a Puget Sound native of an age where grunge is still my music of choice (I'm actually wearing flannel today). My approach to my hobbies is as a modern geek. When I brew beer it isn't casual. When I write about sports the metaphors include RPGs & speculative fiction and the stats are things I try my best to understand. I have a dog named Aslan. My wife and I live in the suburbs because we actually like the suburbs.

My previous careers are almost like three different lives. I've worked in retail coffee and as a coffee taster. For four years I was an Arabic linguist in the US Army. For a few years I was a producer at a sports radio station and that's influenced my approach to my professional writing and community building in the sports field.

I look forward to a warm welcome and learning about the millions here (I probably won't meet that goal, but you'll see me around as a participant in discussions). While I've used different words than this in the past I find this to be the key to making the interwebs and comments sections amazing - above all else, respect others.

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